About Series : Series C.-24,000

This is a series of b&w cards, probably printed by J. Walch & Sons in Hobart.  I have been unable to find any records about the production of the cards, unlike the coloured Walch cards where the complete correspondence with the printer has survived.


Series Contents: The full list of cards in the series is not know; the ones I have seen are illustrated here.


Date Published: Early 1905.  The earliest postmark date I have seen is March, 1905.


Printing: The cards were printed by letterpress halftone. J. Walch & Sons had had this type of printing press in their own print shop in Hobart since 1900, so it is most likely that they were printed there.


Number in Series: Unknown, but probably 12. The name of the series C-24,000 suggests there were 2,000 copies printed of 12 cards.  This naming system was used in the Series B-24,000, for which there is good documentation showing there were 2,000 printed of each of 12 cards.


Identification:  The cards have an imprint on the back  “C.-24,000. J. Walch & Sons, Wellington Bridge, Hobart”.