About Series : Series D.-1905

This is a series of b&w cards, probably printed by J. Walch & Sons themselves at their printery in Hobart.  There were two printings of the series, distinguished by the font used for “Post Card” on the back.  It is not clear which printing was first.


Series Contents: The full list of cards in the series is not know; the ones I have seen are illustrated here.


Date Published: Published in 1905. The earliest postmark date I have seen if July 15, 1905.   


Printing: The cards were printed by letterpress halftone. J. Walch & Sons had had this type of printing press in their own print shop in Hobart since 1900, so it is most likely that the cards  were printed there.


Number in Series: Unknown.


Identification:  There are two differences between the printing. The first is the font used for “Post Card”. The second is in the underlined text in the heading for the correspondence side of the card; the curly font card has  “Commonwealth and New Zealand” while the straighter font card has “Commonwealth only”.  The two versions are shown below.