About Series : Undivided Unknown Series

This is a series of undivided back cards with a rectangular front image. I have found nothing in the correspondence with the London Agent about these, and no mention of them in Walch's Literary Intelligencer, suggesting they were produced in small quantity in Hobart. Hence I have called them the Undivided Unknown Series.

Series Content: I have seen only three cards of this series, two of them being the same view but printed in different colour ink.

Date Published: Being undivided back cards these would have been published before divided back cards were allowed in 1905. The back layout is similar to the 1903 Series and the 1904 Wide Series 1, so they were probably produced in 1903 or 1904.

Printing: These are printed in halftone, which Walch's were able to do in their Hobart printery, so were probably produced there.

Number in Series: Unknown. 

Identification: These are undivided back cards, with a rectangular, non-vignetted image on the front, reduced to allow space for correspondence. The imprint "J. Walch & Sons, Hobart." is in the left margin on the front.