About Series : Brownells Series

This is a series of real photographic print postcards printed for Brownells by the Rotary Photo Co, UK.

J. Walch & sons published a series of cards - the Rotary Photo 1910 Series - identical in style to this series in 1910. The correspondence between Walchs and The Rotary Photo Co has been preserved, giving an exact record of the publisher and date of their series. It is likely that Brownells, who up to the publication of this series had not been involved in the postcard business, walked half a block down the street and called upon the expertise of Walchs to publish this series. The Walchs' and Brownells' card are so similar that it is highly probable that the Brownells' cards were also produced by the Rotary Photo Co.

Compared to Walch's series, Brownells' cards have:

  • The dimensions of the front image and impressed area the same.
  • The caption font and style the same
  • The back layout is different, but the ink colour and imprint font is identical.
  • Some images are identical in the two series. e.g. Government House, Shot Tower.

Series Contents: The full extent of the series is unknown.


Date produced: The Walch cards were produced in 1910, and the Brownell cards the same year or the next.  The earliest postmark date of the Brownell cards is 1 November, 1911.


Printing: The cards were produced by a high speed photographic printing process by the Rotary Photo Co.


Identification: The cards have "Printed in England for Brownell Bros., Limited" on the back.