About Series : 1. 48,000 Series

This was Valentine's first series of Tasmanian postcards.  They are based on Valentine's negatives with numbers in the 48,000 range.  The earliest usage date is in 1906, which was before a branch of J. Valentine & Sons was established in Australia.  The images were supplied to Valentine’s in Scotland by H.W. Grattan of Launceston, so he may have been responsible for sale of the cards in Tasmania. The cards have the same back as some cards published by the British publisher ETW Dennis, which suggests Valentine's used them as the printer.


Series Contents:  J. Valentine & Sons, of  Dundee, Scotland, maintained a register of their holding of negatives, which they called their “View Register”.  This register is now held by the University of St. Andrews, who make it available on line [Note 1]. The register lists a group of negatives with numbers in the range 48656 – 48689,  sourced from Henry W. Grattan, 40 Brisbane St, Launceston. All of the cards that I have seen in this series are from this group of negatives,  but whether or not all negatives in the sequence were printed as cards is not yet known.

These ar the register entries:

48656  Tasmania, Breakwater, Burnie, N.W. Coast

48657  Tasmania, Latrobe

48658  Tasmania, Crows Nest Cataract Gorge, Launceston

48659  Tasmania, Deloraine

48660  Tasmania, Cataract Gorge, Launceston

48661  Tasmania, Cataract Gorge from Tea Room, Launceston

48662  Tasmania, Hobblers Bridge near Launceston

48663  Tasmania, Macquarie Bridge & River, Ross

48664  Tasmania, Launceston from Trevallyn

48665  Tasmania, River Mersey, Devonport

48666  Tasmania, Entally Bridge, Hadspen near Launceston

48667  Tasmania, 1st Basin, Cataract Gorge, Launceston

48668  Tasmania, Kings Bridge, entrance to Cataract Gorge, Launceston

48669  Tasmania, Launceston from Trevallyn

48670  Tasmania, Circular Head, from … Road, Burnie

48671  Tasmania, Beauty Point

48672  Tasmania, Epping, South Esk River

48673  Tasmania, Princes Square, Launceston

48674  Tasmania, St. Patricks River & Fisherman’s Hut

48675  Tasmania, Falls, Lilydale

48676  Tasmania, Corra Linn Bridge near Launceston

48677  Tasmania, Six hours’ fishing, North Esk River, 2 rods

48678  Tasmania, Cataract Gorge, Launceston

48679  Tasmania, Denison Gorge

48680  Tasmania, Pulpit Rock, Corra Linn, near Launceston

48681  Tasmania, Silver Falls, Fern Tree Bower, Hobart

48682  Tasmania, Tasmania, Government House (Domain) Hobart

48683  Tasmania, Wharf, Hobart

48684  Tasmania, Wharf and Battery Point, Hobart

48685  Tasmania, Botanic Gardens, Hobart

48686  Tasmania, Fern Tree Bower, Hobart

48687  Tasmania, Tasmania, Hut at Fern Tree Bower

48688  Tasmania, Hobart

48689  Tasmania, Macquarie Street, Hobart


Date Published: The earliest postmark date I have seen is 22 May, 1906; most used cards are postmarked in 1906 or 1907.


Printing: The printing method is multicolour photolithography, with a black halftone layer superimposed.  The back layout is that of some ETW Dennis cards, suggesting they were the printer


Number in Series: If all the images listed above appeared on cards there were 34 cards in the series.


Identification: On the front of the cards there is the usual Valentine logo of JV in a circle, with the view negative number beside it. The back of the cards has the layout seen on cards printed by E.T.W. Dennis, suggesting they were the printers.


 Note 1:

http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/imu/imu.php?request=home.  Select ‘Collections’, scroll to near the bottom and choose James Valentine Collection of Landscape Photography and select ‘View Registers’ within the text.