About Series : 2. Moonlight Series

This is a series of artificially created moonlight scenes. The postcards were printed from plates that had been created by an artist starting with a black and white photo and creating the image.  The underlying photographic view is still present, but the colours on the card, the sky and moon and the moonlight reflection from the water are all artistic inventions. 


The same negatives were used for this series as had been used for the ETWD Back Series. (See the introduction to that series for details.)  Negative numbers are in the range 48656-48689.


In some cases, a negative was used as the base for a daylight view and also a moonlight view.  So there are normal views and moonlight views where the same negative number is shown on the cards. For example, these negatives feature in both daylight views and moonlight views:

48659 Tasmania, Deloraine

48662 Tasmania, Hobbler’s Bridge near Launceston

48663 Macquarie Bridge and River, Ross







Series Contents: The moonlight views are from the negatives in the 48656-48689.  I don’t know if there is a moonlight version for all the cards in that series.


Date Published: The earliest postmark date I have seen is 9 July, 1906.


Printing: The printing method was multicolour photolithography, with a black halftone layer superimposed.


Identification: The cards have a negative number and the  Valentine logo of JV in a circle on the front. On the back, the imprint “Valentines Series” appears along the left margin.