About Series : 3. 53,000 Series

This is a group of coloured postcards with Valentine View Register numbers in the range 53659–53676, hence the series name.  The front layout and printing technology is identical to the previous two series, ie 48,000 Series and  Moonlight Series.


Series Contents: These cards are registered in the Valentine View Register with numbers in the range 53659 – 53676. (For details of the Valentine View Registers see the introduction to the ETWD-Back Series).  An annotation in the register says “per W. Wilkinson, 9th June”, but there is no indication of Mr Wilkinson’s role, whether photographer, seller or whatever. The cards listed in the register are:


53659  Tasmania. Sunset on River Tamar

53660  Tasmania. Shades of Evening, River Tamar

53661  Tasmania. Close of Day

53662  Tasmania. A Bush Hut

53663  Tasmania. The old mill near Perth

53664  Tasmania. Supply Creek, River Tamar

53665  Tasmania. The beach near Wynyard

53666  Tasmania. River Mersey, Devonport

53667  Tasmania. The old mill, North Esk near Perth

53668  Tasmania. River Mersey near Devonport

53669  Tasmania. Unverstone and Breakwater

53670  Tasmania. A busy day at Beaconsfield

53671  Launceston. The Soldier’s Memorial

53672  Launceston. Ladies College Elphin Road

53673  Launceston. Electric Power House

53674  Launceston. Regatta Day, Stephensons [sic] Bend

53675  Launceston. Willow Tree, Cataract Gorge

53676  Launceston. Corra Linn Bridge


Date Published: The earliest postmark date is Dec 7, 1906.


Printing: The printing method is multicolour lithography, with a black halftone layer superimposed. The cards have “Printed in Great Britain” on the back.


Number in Series: If all the images listed above were printed on cards the number would be 18.


Identification:  The back is printed in brown, and is similar but not identical to earlier series. There is “VALENTINE’S SERIES”   along the left margin.