About Series : 8. Crystoleum Series

This series is made distinctive by a dotted border around the image. There are both coloured and b&w cards in the group. The coloured cards are identified on the back as “Crystoleum”, which refers to the printing method.


Series Contents:  I have seen about a dozen of these cards, all based on the negative numbers 48,656-48,689 which were provided to Valentines by H.W. Grattan of Launceston.


Date Published:  The earliest postmark date I have seen is 14 December, 1911.


Printing: The coloured cards were printed by photolithography with a black halftone layer superimposed. The arrangement of the photolithographic coloured dots is not typical, this presumably accounting for them being identified on the back as “Crystoleum” with a patent applied for. The b&w cards have a halftone layer only.


Identification: The dotted border around the front image is distinctive. On the back of the coloured cards is “Valentine’s Series. Crystoleum/ Patent applied for 23,063”. The B&W cards are just identified as “Valentine’s Series”.