About Series : 9. 300,000 Series

This series was made from negatives with numbers in the 300,000 range.  Earlier series were from negative numbers in the 48,000 range and the 53,000 range, as described for “1. ETWD Back Series” and “3. 53,000” Series. Those two ranges of numbers are catalogued in Valentine’s View Registers,  (see ‘About the Publisher’ for details), but there is no mention there of  cards with 300,000 numbers. Perhaps they were a locally developed series and catalogued in an Australian register.


Series Contents:  The number of cards in the series is not known.


Date Published:  I have seen only one postmark date - 30 Dec 1912 – and don’t know how much before then the cards were published.


Printing: The cards are marked as printed in the United Kingdom, as were earlier series. They were printed with the same technique as the Crystoleum Series, which involved laying down the coloured layers of dots by photolithography and superimposing a black contrast layer by halftone.


Identification: The imprint on the back left margin is “The Valentine & Sons’ Publishing Co., Ltd., Sydney”.  All the cards have photo numbers on the front of 6 digits starting with 300.