About Series : 10. 1914 Collotype Series

This series was printed by collotype, from negatives in the 300,000 range.  I have called them the 1914 Collotype Series, on the evidence of only one postmark, Sept 1, 1914. 


Correspondence on two of the cards mentions World War I, which started on 4 August 1914. One writer, apparently answering her friend, said “I don’t know about all the best boys going to the war, girls always think too much of soldiers.”   Another said “All our thoughts are on the dreadful war, our young men are volunteering, first lot leave this week. We are doing our … by sewing garments for them.”


Series Contents:  The number of cards in the series is not known.


Date Published: The only postmark date I have seen is 1 Sept 1914.


Printing: The cards were printed by collotype, which uses only a single colour of ink. Of the ones I have seen, some were done in brown, a few in green, and one in black.


Identification: The imprint on the back left margin is “The Valentine & Sons’ Publishing Co., Ltd., Melbourne”.  All the cards have photo numbers on the front of 6 digits starting with 300.