About Series : D.I.C. Series

D.I.C. postcards are b&w real photographic prints, published by William Fellowes, under his business name of Direct Importing Company (D.I.C.).

Series Contents:  The number of postcards published by D.I.C is not known, but it is in the hundreds.  Sometimes the same photograph was reprinted with different cropping, and sometimes different photographs with slight variations of the same view were used. 

Date Published: I have seen cards postmarked from 1916 to 1936.

Printing: Al the cards are b&w photographic prints. They are printed on Kodak postcard-back paper, except for a few on unbranded postcard-back paper.

Identification: Most cards have "D.I.C Photo" in the caption on the front.  Some have a number beside the caption, but the numbering system does not seem to be consistent.  Most have a publisher attribution on the back: either "D.I.C. Photo W. Fellowes 107 Park St., Hobart" or  "D.I.C. Photo 173 Elizabeth St., Hobart".