About Series : G.M. Breaden Series


G.M. Breaden cards are real photographic prints. They are printed on either Kodak postcard-back paper or on plain back photographic paper. Some have a rubber-stamped back naming G.M. Breaden as the publisher.


Most G.M. Breaden cards have a neat caption on the front, in capital letters and underlined.   


Breadens postcards were probably produced after his return from the war in 1945 up to about 1950. I have a view folder that he published containing 16 views of Hobart, which is annotated  “Monday 5 May, 1947”, presumably the purchase date. This gives a useful latest date of photography for the 16 photographs it contains.  Although the folder is indicated as by G.M. Breaden, several of the photos it includes were published as postcards earlier under the authorship of his father, J.C. Breaden.  I have also seen two cards captioned as by G.M. Breaden that are annotated as purchased in 1951.