About Series : Homestead Series

The cards of "The Homestead" Tea Gardens are black & white prints mostly on Kodak paper. Some have been hand coloured, making for a very bright garden.  Most of the cards are captioned and numbered with an "R" prefix or suffix.


Some of the cards, such as R31, have been printer by Ash Bester, and carry a caption in the handwriting of Mrs Morrisby, who captioned most of the Ash Bester cards.


The highest numbered card I have seen is R33.


Dating the cards to anything more precise than the mid 20th century is difficult. The tea room ceased operating in 1960, and was burn down in 1967, so that provides a latest date for the series. Card R30 is probably a photo of the Tagg sisters, and judging by their age, is from a photo taken in the 1950s. But card no. 4R has the appearance of a reproduction of an earlier photo.