About Series : Eggshell Blue Series

The Eggshell Blue series seems to be the only series of Australian cards published by E.T.W Dennis.


The cards stand out because of the uniformly blue sky imposed on a black and white view. There are two Tasmanian cards, of Silver Falls and Lilydale Falls, where there is no sky in the picture, but these are confidently placed in the series because of the same back layout and front text style.


The cards have two different types of back.  All except one have a characteristic double line with scrolls under the words “Post Card”, while the odd one has a simpler design with “Printed in England” along the central dividing line. 


The number of cards in the series is not know.  There are 17 cards here of Tasmania, and one of the railway station on the Queensland – NSW border. Other NSW cards of the same series are available occasionally.


The identity of the photographer, or photographers, is not known. It is known that  E.T.W. Dennis made extensive use of other photographer's images, and George Webber has suggested that the presence of the initials E.T.W.D. on the front of the card signifies that Dennis owned the image or had arranged copyright permission.  But I  have never seen an image of an E.T.W.D. card used on another publisher’s card, which suggests he did not use images taken by local photographers.


 The used cards are postmarked February 1906 to August 1907, with one outlier of September 1911. 


 It is assumed that the cards were printed at the E.T.W. Dennis printing plant in Scarborough, UK. The blue sky is printed by lithography and the rest of the image by letterpress halftone.