About Series : Undivided Series 1

Undived Series 1


This is one of Mather's two series of undivided back cards, both of which were published in 1904.   They are views in and around Hobart, some of them not particularly interesting, such as the view of Cornelian Bay.  They were printed by collotype, probably in Germany, and some were hand colored.


Date Published: The earliest postmark I have seen is 30 Dec 1904, so we can assume a publication date of 1904. 


Printing: The printer is not identified on the cards. They were printed by collotype. The coloured cards were hand coloured, as close inspection of the colouring shows it to be imprecise and sometimes applied in the wrong places!


Number in Series: The cards are not numbered, so the number in the series is not known.


Identification:  The name "A. Mather & Co." is on the front bottom left. The back layout has "Post Card" printed in black in an elaborate script, with shamrocks on both sides. The stamp box has an unusual outline, partly dotted, which may help in identifying the printer.