About Series : Undivided Series 2

This is one of Mather's two series of  undivided-back cards They are arranged in the usual manner of undivided-back cards, with the picture occupying three-quarters of the front,  leaving a small space for the message.


Date Published:  The earliest postmark I have seen is 21 September 1904, so we can assume a publication date of that year.


Printing: These are printed in black and white halftone by letterpress. There is no indication of the printer on the cards, but the decorative frame  around the image is reminiscent of Robert Jolley of Melbourne. On the other hand, the back layout is identical with the Undivided Series 1 cards, which were probably printed in Germany.


Number in Series: Unknown


Identification: The publisher's name "A. Mather & Co. Hobart" appears on the front bottom left. The front layout including the decorative frame around the image (at least two versions) identifies the series. The back layout is the same as the Undivided Series 1 cards.