About Series : Mather Series 6

This is a seies of coloured, divided-back cards. I have seen only a few of these so have no information on the extent or variation within the series.


Date Published: Between 1905, when divided back cards became allowable, and January 1908, which is the earliest postmark date available.


Printing: These are printed by three layers of lithography (red, yellow, blue) with a black halftone layer superimposed for emphasis.This is in contrast to Series 3, Series 4 and Series 5 cards in which the black layer was printed by collotype. They were probably printed in Germany, possibly by Emil PInkau & Co of Liepzig.


Number in Series:  Unknown


Identification: The picture side has a caption in white capital letters. On the address side the publisher's name and address is on the bottom right. There is no card number apparent.