About Series : Mather Series 7

This is another series of coloured Mather cards, of which I have seen only a few. They are printed by the usual German lithographic  technique, but the printer is not identifiable.


Date Published: Between 1905, when divided back cards became allowable, and 1909, which is the only postmark date available for this series.


Printing: These are printed by three layers of lithograry (red, yellow, blue) with a black collotype layer superimposed for emphasis. The collotype is unusually heavy, making the darker parts of the image standout.  They were probably printed in Germany.


Number in Series: Unknown.


Identification: These are printed by the same technique as series 3, 4 and 5.but differ in layout. The publishers name is printed on the address side bottom right. The cards are identified  as "New Series" on the address side bottom left, but we don't know which old series they are being differentiated from. The words  POST CARD are in an unusual sans serif font.