About Series : Mather Series 9

This is another series of coloured cards from an apparently different German printer.  I have seen only four of these cards.The printing method and image appearance is the same as in other series of cards printed in Germany, but the back layout differs in details of placement, font and wording.


Date Published: The earliest postmark date is 30 June, 1908.


Printing: Printed in Germany, according to the stamp box.  Printed with three layers of lithography (red, yellow, blue) with a black collotype layer on top for emphasis.


Identification: The image side has the caption at the top left, in red print.  On the address side, there is "New Series" at the bottom left; "A. Mather & Co, 93 Liverpool st" at the bottom right. "Printed in Germany /Stamp."  in the stamp box.