About Series : Walch 1903 Series

This series breaks with the style of  Walch's previous series of vignetted cards. They are still undivided back cards, but are different in major ways. They are printed in halftone by letterpress, in contrast to the collotype of the earlier series.  They were most likely printed in Hobart by J. Walch & Sons themselves, from printing blocks made in England.


Series Contents and date Published:  There was no announcement of this series in Walch's Literary Intelligencer, and I have found only a brief mention in correspondence with the London agent, so cannot give a list of the cards in the series. The earliest postmark date I have seen is 14 Dec. 1903, so I have called them the 1903 series.


Printing: These cards are printed by haltone letterpress, not collotype as the earlier series were. The imprint on the card front left edge is "J. Walch & Sons printers", suggesting they were printed by J. Walch & Sons themselves. J. Walch & Sons acquired their own printing press in 1900, so were capable of printing the cards.


One supporting piece of evidence is a letter in the archives (Note 1)  as shown below.  This is a copy of an invoice from John Swain & Sons of Farrington St, E.C., London, for 12 half tone vignetted blocks for postcards. Dated 29 July, 1903, this was for the blocks of the 1903 or 1904 series.  The 1903 and 1904 series were printed by halftone requiring such printing blocks, but the 1901, 1902, 1903 and the coloured series of 1904 were done by collotype which did not use such blocks. 




Number in Series: Probably 12.


Identification: The front of the cards has an image printed by halftone; the regular dotted pattern is easily seen with a magnifying glass. The imprint "J. Walch & Sons" is along the left edge.  The back of the cards is undivided, with "POST CARD --TASMANIA." in a black sans serif font.


Note 1: Archives Office of Tasmania NS2870/1/1 Copies of invoices and orders to suppliers in England