About Series : Walch 1904 Series

This series continues on in the same style as the 1903 Series, but with one noticeable change – the back of the card has “Post Card – Tasmania” in a distinctive serif font. Walch’s  continued use of this font on the later Series B cards.


Series Contents and Date Published:  There was no announcement of this series in  Walch’s Literary Intelligencer, so no complete list of the cards can be give. The earliest postmark date I have seen is 30 Jan 1904.  This is surprisingly close to the earliest date of the 1903 Series of 31 Dec. 1903.,


Printing: These are printed by halftone letterpress. The imprint on the front left edge is ‘J. Walch & Sons printers” suggesting they were printed by J. Walch & Sons themselves. Walch’s acquired their own printing press in 1900, so were capable of printing them.


Number in Series: Probably 12




Identification: The front of the cards has a vignetted  image printed by halftone; the regular dotted pattern is easily seen with a magnifying glass. The imprint “J. Walch & Sons printers” is along the left edge.  The back has “Post Card – Tasmania” in a distinctive serif font, different to the 1903 Series.