About Series : 1904 Coloured Series

This is a group of hand coloured cards printed in England by the British Photoprint Co, who had previously printed Walch's 1901 and 1902 series


Series Content and Date Published:  This series had only a brief mention in Walch's Literary Intelligencer, in November, 1904: "Post cards. Coloured by hand. In packets of 8 cards. One Shilling".  The earliest postmark date I have seen is April 1905.


Printing: These were printed by the collotype process, and then hand coloured.  Collotype was the process used for the 1900, 1901 and 1902 series.  The back layout is nearly the same as the 1901 and 1902 series, so we can assume they were printed by the same printer, the British Photoprint Co.


Number in Series: The mention in Walch's Literary Intelligencer did not list the cards so we don't know the number in the set.  As they were selling at eight for one shilling there may have been eight, but their was usually 12 in a Walch series.


Identification: The front of the cards has a vignetted image printed by collotype and hand coloured, with caption in italic black. The imprint "J. Walch & Sons, Hobart." is along the left edge. The back has "POST CARD --TASMANIA" in red serif font, the same as the 1901 and 1902 series, but the symbol below the double red lines is different.