About Series : 1904 Wide Series 1

After producing vignetted cards since 1900, Walch's introduced this series of full width picture cards in 1904. They were still undivided back cards, so only the address could be written on the back. The space allowed on the front for correspondence was quite small, but that did not seem to matter, as people were increasingly sending cards for the picture, rather than for the message.


Series Contents and Date Published:  This series was announced in Walch's Literary Intelligencer of June 1904.  The announcement was on the front page; postcards were becoming very popular and were selling well, so prominent advertising as appropriate. 


Printing: Printed by letterpress halftone, probably printed by Walch's themselves in Hobart.


Number in Series: 12


Identification: These are undivided back cards, printed in halftone. The front image is full width, with blank space at the bottom. The caption is in red-brown. The back has "POST CARD -- TASMANIA." in a sans serif font, the same as used for the 1903 vignetted series; this  distinguishes the 1904 cards from the 1905 issue, which uses a different font for the heading.