About Series : 1904 Wide Series 2

Walch's published their first series of full width cards in June 1904, and followed them up with this second series later in the same year.  These are not reprints but a series of different view, although the format is similar.


Series Content and Date Published:  There was no specific announcement of the release of this series.  The earlist postmard date I have seen is December 20, 1904.


Printing: Printed by letterpress halftone, probably by J. Walch & Sons at their Hobart.printery.


Number in Series: Probaly 12.

Identification: These are undivided back cards printed by halftone letterpress.  The front image is full width, with a caption in reddish brown.  On the back "Post Card ---Tasmania." is in serif font, in contrast to the 1904 Wide Series 1 which has the words in a sans serif font.